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Fabulous Outdoors sharing the passion for the outdoors!
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Fabulous Outdoors is a travel photography site about sharing the passion for the outdoors, with the aim of influencing people to get outside more, be more active and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. On here, we share our knowledge of outdoor activities, travel, photography and a few suggestions about health and nutrition.


Some of our activities and services: SEE IF I CAN WORK FOR YOU? CONTACT ME

Freelance Photography specialising in Skiing, Cycling, Travel and Nature

Promotional Videos – Tutorials & Tips – Product Tests & Reviews

Active Travel and Tourist Location Consultancy

Helping small businesses with Social Networks Marketing set up and strategies.

Tour Guiding Service for Cycling and Motorcycle Tours
with specialised local knowledge of most Italian territory and the Alps of Italy/France

Speaking fluent Italian and French as well as English.

Photography and writing contributions on travel, sports, the outdoors and photography blogs and magazines

Published in Surrey Life Magazine                  ed. October 2014 © Fabrizio Malisan Photography
Published in Surrey Life Magazine ed. October 2014 ©Fabrizio Malisan Photography

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