Photography Tips for beginners – Which dslr camera to choose?

On this occasion, I’ve tested the Canon 70D.

Whether you are a beginner, an advanced photographer or one willing to become a better photographer, the Canon 70D is a great compromise. It’s an APS-c crop sensor, but the image quality is pretty good and you get the advantage of reaching further compared to full frame cameras. That’s a plus if you’re willing to do some Wildlife photography or Sports Photography. As mentioned in the video, most very helpful and useful features aren’t included in the more professional Canon range ( as to this date, April 2016 ). The new released Canon 80D has got of course a few improvements, but being a newer camera, you’ll pay the novelty price.  

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Canon 70D Review Video Photography Tutorial Fabulous Outdoors
Canon 70D Review Video Photography Tutorial Fabulous Outdoors